Why Us

Why Our Camp?

Being at Pura Vida Adventure Camp, each child has the opportunity to broaden their outlook by meeting people from different places and varied backgrounds. The combination of recreational, educational and social activities with co-operative living, enables each camper to acquire a maturity and independence essential to their own well-being. Our camp provides a unique opportunity to understand oneself better by living with others in beautiful and safe surroundings.

The campers will be interacting with native Spanish speakers, such as teachers, other professionals, and Costa Rican teenagers. Not only will campers exchange in diverse experiences, but they will also establish new, lifelong friendships with students of varying cultural backgrounds. Our staff is committed to providing safe, peaceful, and productive experiences. We understand and value each child’s unique individual needs and abilities, and base our instruction accordingly.
Health and Safety is a fundamental pillar of our camp

Health, safety and general welfare of the individual camper are meticulously cared. Every precaution is taken wherever campers eat, play or sleep.
The campus is an International school during regular schedules and all activities take place in a safe environment. There are fully equipped medical centers 2 miles away. Pura Vida Adventure Camp has an insurance coverage in Costa Rican territory for up to $250.000.00 US dollars. As our police, each campers must purchases full coverage international travel insurance as well, this in order to be cover from the moment of departure of his/her own country.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a rugged, rain forested Central American country with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. Costa Rica is known for its beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity. Roughly a quarter of its area is made up of protected jungle, teeming with wildlife and vegetation. The people of Costa Rica are both friendly and well educated, which makes it the perfect place to learn and grow as an individual.
The term 'Pura Vida' has been present in Costa Rican dialect for some 50+ years. Pura Vida, pronounced POO-rah VEE-dah, in English means, "Pure Life". However, these two words have much more meaning throughout the Costa Rican culture.

Pura Vida! means that no matter what your current situation is, life for someone else can always be less fortunate than your own. So, you need to consider your situation isn't all that bad, and that no matter how little or how much you have in life, we are all here together and life is short... so start living it "pura vida style".
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