About Us

About Us

"Inspiring personal growth in each child by increasing their confidence and self esteem, surrounded by the magic of Nature and its power"

Kids are the most important for us! They must learn to:Be Safe, Protect Nature, Respect the Community, Commit to Success, Achieve their Goals.

We are team of professionals living on the Northern Pacific Coast of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We are pleased to introduce our team to you!

What People Say

Rocio Villalobos
Director & Camp Counselor

Rocio is a fully bilingual licensed Clinical psychologist. Graduated from USA as Spanish teacher (first major) and now working as a therapist (second major). Rocio is the founder of Guanacaste Bienestar, Center of Emotional Health, which fosters a Group of Leaders between 13 to 18 years old. She has two sons, Nicolas, 15 years old (he will attend the camp), and Gabriel, 21-year-old (student at Norwich University in Vermont). She believes in camp tradition and core values and strives hard to inculcate them in all the campers.
Susana Chumpitasi
Managing Director

Susana has a degree in Tourism, and IT Networking, specialized in Voice over IP and she is fully bilingual. She has experience working with Costa Rican Travel Agencies. She has two children, Claudia, 20 years old, and Nicholas, 18 years old. She is a caring person, focused on security and prevention. She believes discipline and communication are vital for the development of any person. She also believes in viewing people by their strengths and what a better way of doing that, than in nature, and having fun.
Adriana Bejarano
Marketing and Communications Manager

Adriana did her college studies in Industrial Design and Marketing. She had always been interested in learning new languages and cultures. She has lived most of her life in Costa Rica, and the last 4 years in Hangzhou, China, learning Mandarin and working for different Chinese companies. For the last 10 years as a part timer she has tutor kids in English and Spanish, both in China and Costa Rica. She firmly believes traveling and studying is the key to future generations. A great start and amazing experience to explore the world and who you are.
Lili Sannino
Group Leader

Lili is an accomplished outdoor educator, with extensive experience and training. She has a Master's degree in Education, US Clear Teaching Credential in California and Colorado, and is a passionate Montessori teacher. Lili has been a part of many summer camps of all ages for more than 23 years in Europe and USA. She loves children, nature, animals, outdoor activities, traveling, yoga, art and music. She is extremely excited to be part of this life changing cultural and outdoor experience camp.
Pablo Gutierrez
Group Leader

Pablo is a teenager’s leader and mentor, he joined our team as camp counselor. He graduated with honors from the Costa Rican National University as a High School Teacher. He holds a degree in Economics and Social Sciences, specialized in social skills. He has experience enlightening leadership skills in teenagers. Currently he enjoys his work in CEPIA (Culture, Education and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents) nonprofit organization leading young people. He is an outdoors person, and loves wilderness & development.
Gabriela Rios
Spanish Teacher

Gabriela is a caring and passionate educator with a focus on early-childhood development. She is a Licensed Montessori Associate (AMS, 2013) with three years of classroom teaching experience in top-rated Montessori programs. She is fully Bilingual (English/Spanish) and bicultural; strong understanding of cross-cultural sensitivity in the learning environment. Gabriela has a strong passion for enriching the lives of children, parents and educators in the local community and looks forward to teaching at camp.
Yaneth Campo
Spanish Teacher

Yaneth is an experienced Spanish Teacher. Over ten years she have gained professional experience in various institutes and language centers teaching Spanish as a second language to foreigners from all over the world. She has taught beginner, intermediate and advanced levels; in individualized and group lessons. She possess strong bases in History, Literature and Linguistic Sciences.
José Paniagua
Spanish Teacher

José is an innovative school and high school Spanish teacher. He enjoys creating interactive learning programs to full fill his main goal as a teacher. Foster a positive environment that facilitates the learning of all students and his capacity for motivation make his classes entertaining and interesting for students from different backgrounds.
Jackeline Salas
Camp Catering Chef

Chef Jackie and Raul Salas are owners of Eden Group and divisions Eden Catering, Kid Gourmet, Edulab Culinary Educational Laboratory and Pronto Burgers and Pizzas in Playa Potero, Guanacaste. Graduated from culinary school in Florida, United Health Care chose Chef Jackie for their national campaign Savour Your Health, for two consecutive seasons 2012 and 2013, in Los Angeles and Miami. In 2013 Chef Jackie was recognized for being a pioneer in the use of the Quinoa in South Florida. The America Developing Smiles Foundation recognizes Jackie, for her deep commitment of the education of children in Latin America.
Andrea Diaz Coto
Surf Instructor & Group Leader

Andrea traveled the world representing Costa Rica and was sponsored by Roxy competing in several professional competitions. Andrea has 3 beautiful children; Lia, Sol & Kai who will no doubt be champions like their mother someday. Motivated by her children, love of surfing and commitment to excellence, Andrea was compelled to give back to help improve the lives of the underprivileged children of Guanacaste through the Sport of Surfing that gave her so much. She is the founder of Social Enterprise Surf4Youth.
Mauricio Cruz
Scuba Diving Instructor

Mauricio is a recognized PADI instructor and underwater rugby coach. He has over 700 dives experience and more than 200 students. He graduated from College in Colombia as a Sanitary Engineer. However, he started his underwater passion in Colombia where he started as an underwater rugby player, and became a champion. He moved to Costa Rica to enjoy the wonderful life under the sea. He is really excited to meet campers from all around the world and to show the beauty of the underwater world.
Erick Zamora
Stand-Up Paddle Board Guide

Eric is an experienced Stand Up Paddler. He has been part of two Costa Rican National SUP circuits, and was the first Costa Rican SUP champion in 2013. His experience in SUP varies in distances that go from 16 miles between Witch’s Rock within Santa Rosa National Park to Nacascolo beach, to over 100 miles in six days along the Pacific Coast between Danta beach to Santa Teresa beach. He has also been the SUP instructor for the Costa Rican surf federation in 2012 around the Pacific Coast. He is a caring person, and focused on safety first.
Juan Domingo de la Cruz Fermanelli
Basketball Instructor & Head of Leaders

Juan Domingo, is a former professional basketball player. Argentinian nationalized Spanish, he started his career in basketball in Argentina, although he developed his professional career in Spain, especially in FC Barcelona. He retired in 1996, after 21 years of career as an active player. He is currently the director of a basketball school and club in Palma de Mallorca, with an average of 150 players. He is a titled Basketball coach and in the last 10 years he has been an organizer and director of 17 summer sports camps, with an average of 170 members with ages from 6 to 17 years old. Two years ago, Juan moved to Guanacaste and set up his tourist company, but at the same time his passion for basketball let him integrate with the local community and schools of the area. He has a basketball gathering in Brasilito, which bring together kids from the community once per week to practice team work, enjoy and play together.

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